Frequently asked questions

Where does Mr Auplish consult?
Mr Auplish sees patients at the Nuffield York and Clifton Park Hospitals.

Do I need a referral from my GP and how do I obtain one?
Your General Practitioner, Physiotherapist or Osteopath may refer you to Mr Auplish’s clinic.  This is the route that most patients take.  You will need to make an appointment with your GP or Physiotherapist to ask for a referral.  It is possible to make an appointment without a referral.  This can be done either by calling the hospital directly, or by calling Mr Auplish’s private secretary Kay Malarkey on 07533 052689.  Please check with your insurance company for their policy on first appointments.

Can I obtain an appointment if I don’t have health insurance?
Self-funding patients are very welcome to make an appointment.  Please contact Mr Auplish’s private secretary, Kay Malarkey on 07533 052689 if you have any questions about fees or making an appointment.

What will happen at my first appointment?
You will have ample time to explain what has been troubling and discuss your concerns.  New patient appointments last around 20 minutes, depending on the nature of the problem.  Mr Auplish will conduct an examination and ask further questions to formulate a treatment plan for you.

What if I need an X-Ray?
Conditions affecting bone can require an X-Ray.  If one is needed it can be done when you attend your first appointment.  You will be seen at the same appointment as soon as the X-Ray has been conducted and Mr Auplish will discuss the results with you.  The results of the X-Ray will inform your treatment plan.  Most insurance companies cover X-Rays in their initial authorisation, but please check this with the company.

What if I require a scan?
An ultrasound, CT or MRI scan may be necessary depending on the medical problem and can be quickly organised.  You will then have a separate appointment when the results of the scan will be fully explained, any questions addressed and an appropriate treatment selected.  It is worth noting that it is normally necessary to inform your insurance company and get prior approval for a scan.

What if I require an operation?
Most conditions can be treated without surgery, and indeed this is the aim.  If surgery is advisable Mr Auplish will discuss this with you, so you fully understand the nature of the procedure and can make an informed decision about whether to have an operation.  You will be advised whether it will be a day case, or require an overnight stay and whether you will receive a local or general anaesthetic.  A suitable date will be decided in clinic or arranged by Mr Auplish’s private secretary, Catherine Ray.

What post-operative care will I receive?
Mr Auplish will see you straight after your surgery to check you are comfortable and that all is well.  Most operations are either day-cases (home the same day), or require one night’s stay in hospital.  Mr Auplish sees all patients prior to discharge to check they are well enough to leave hospital.  Great care is taken to ensure that you are comfortable and that all pain is controlled.  At discharge you will be given an appointment to see Mr Auplish for your post-operative check.  This is usually two weeks after surgery.  Some patients require physiotherapy and this will be arranged to start at the earliest opportunity.  Fortunately, complications are rare.  However, if you develop symptoms that concern you, then you will be seen straight away.